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8 October 2013

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This is a tool that helps manage comments in Excel sheets/workbooks.

Comments Manager for Microsoft Excel lets you view, create and edit Excel cell comments. Often it is necessary to add comments to cells of an Excel sheet or a workbook. These help explain formulas, provide instructions or enter ideas in your sheet with comments. It lets you type a new comment on the add-in pane to automatically have it in a cell. User is able to edit, delete, copy or export comments to a new workbook. Pictures can be added as comments. Cell contents can be converted into comments easily. When more than one person works with a Excel workbook, it is useful to have the explanatory comments on the spreadsheet. They are also a way to create helpful reminders, add clarifications or explanation of formulas. When there are many comment boxes in your Excel table working with them can be pretty tricky.

The tool is simple and minimizes the clicks necessary to manage comments. Inserting, deleting or editing comments is easy. You are able to convert cell contents to comments and vice versa, export cell notes, drag-n-drop comment text to Excel cells from the add-in pane, insert picture, author, date, or time on the fly. Comments could be imported or exported easily, as needed. Comments Manager can easily add comment texts to the respective cells or replace the cell contents with comment values. You would be able to navigate through the comments. Drag and drop options are available. This is a very good tool.

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"Comments Manager for Microsoft Excel is a tool that allows to easily work with comments in your spreadsheets. If you like to use comment boxes to explain formulas, cells and other data in your table, this tool can lend a helping hand.
Using Comments Manager you can see all comments and modify them as you need. All cell notes are displayed on the add-in pane and you can easily navigate to them in your table. Benefit from this plug-in to instantly make all possible corrections: edit, delete, copy, export or bring comment contents to the cell.
Use Comments Manager to:
- Enter and edit comments on the add-in pane
- Get the list of all your comments on the pane
- Delete and copy comments to another location
- Add comment text to the cell or cell contents to the comment
- Replace cell contents with comment text or vice versa
- Insert picture, author, date or time
- Copy comments to a new workbook
- Easily navigate among the comments
The add-in works with Microsoft Excel 2013 32-bit and 64-bit, 2010, 2007, 2003.
For more information please visit" Comments Manager for Excel Comments Manager for Excel
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